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  Welcome to Tailout Flies. An idea began early in 2021 where we would create a company that not only exemplifies our ideologies but also allows us to openly share our creativity and passion within the fly fishing industry. 


  We aim to promote the preservation and conservation of our home waters and consciously provide you with the goods along the way. Each fly you receive has been hand-tied and carefully crafted with a precise attention to detail. We carry a vast selection of flies tailored for various destinations that are stocked, or feel free to contact us for any custom orders. 

  We are continuously devoted to limiting our environmental footprint. Each order will be shipped without the use of plastics using biodegradable mailers, fly cups, soy based inks, or recyclable paper products. We hope by our efforts that we can create a positive effect on our customers so that we can  all enjoy our favorite waters, as well as future generations.

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